Facilities Capabilities


The KPPI group supplies filter press machines and it,s accessories to customers all over the world. Automation, manufacturing, quality assurance, and research & development support the kppi business areas in their activities and are of major importance for the success of the group. Kppi automation provides control systems which are tailor-made for our filter press machines and optimize plant operation. Manufacturing of key components in KPPI production facilities ensures invariably high quality. KPPI consistently applies quality assurance and management systems in the design and manufacture of its products. Continuous research & development work is a must in all business areas to secure long-term success.

Service And Quality

KPPI Offer From Consultation to After-sales Service in 11 Operating Phases:

  • pecialized technical support,
  • Research and materials testing,
  • Design and engineering,
  • Production and transport,
  • Installation and testing,
  • Personnel instruction & Training to your operator,
  • Online trouble shooting hints,
  • "Full Service" programmed maintenance,
  • Prompt after sales assistance.

KPPI Filtration Staff Are Highly Trained to Offer You the Highest Possible Level of Expertise and Service in All Stages of the Installation Process:

  • Installation of the machines on site
  • Supervision of the Erection, installation & Commissioning of said Filter Press Machine
  • Laying & installation of hydraulic and pneumatic connections
  • Electrical & Control Panel connections
  • Programming of PLC software in case of Automatic Filter Press Machine
  • Plant commissioning and start-up
  • Personnel instruction & After sales services
  • "Full Service" programmed maintenance including inspections and spare parts supply

Our Group Have the Following Certifications Which Advise of the Standard Procedure & Quality Control : CRISIL Rating ISO 9002 2010.

Continuous Research And Development

Constantly striving to stay ahead in an ever changing business environment we have our own research and development department, it is the task of our colleagues in this department to look for new and innovative products and services that we can offer to our clients, to make the daily routines within their businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

We work continually on automation solutions to improve the processes and plants technically and economically. Our joint research and development programs are the basis for finding the best solution with state-of-the-art products.

Test / Pilot Trials

Filtration can only be optimized for each specific situation by conducting practical tests. KPPI Application Technology provides proof of the gap dividing theory and practice around the world by conducting practical Trials by our All Integrated Pilot Filter Press machine at Clients door step.

Security in Decision - Making

  • when selecting the appropriate filtration system
  • when selecting the appropriate filter elements