Company Profile

YO-TANA is India’s leader company providing solid-liquid separation technologies for industrial processes. Technology in the solid-liquid separation industry has evolved rapidly during many years and from the beginning YO-TANA has played a very important role in this evolutionary process, by developing innovative solutions which are used for a diverse range of industrial solid-liquid separation applications. The considerable experience gained in this field, together with the unique knowledge attained through this continuous research and development has placed us at the forefront in technical solutions; which reflacts from our proud history and latest designs. It is unique combination of experience and knowledge that YO-TANA puts at disposal to its customers every day.


Our team of experts plays a vital role in our production and delivery procedures. Our team members are experienced and have the overall knowledge regarding each and every stage of manufacturing process.

We are empowered with a team of enthusiastic workforce, which comprises of talented workers and experienced marketing personnel. Our expert professionals continue to be updated with the latest information in the market and work in close cooperation with the clients to meet their requirements. We consider our manpower as the strength of our organization.

  • Since 1972 onwards…
  • Years of practical experience in filtration applications.
  • Experience of more than 200 industrial filtration applications.
  • Manufacturing all types & sizes of filter presses.
  • Having all in house ultra modern & hi-tech manufacturing facilities.
  • More then 7500 successful installations.
  • Next generation robotic operated fully automatic SCADA PLC filter presses with ”logically programmed” mechanism.
  • In-house facilities for the execution of filtration R & D tests with desk unit or the pilot unit.
  • India’s only “icm molding german process technology” for high strength & high quality P.P. Filter elements (plates).
  • Sizes available : 300 m² to 1500 m²
  • India’s biggest manufacturer of rubber detachable membranes by in-house fully equipped modern mfg. Unit having outstanding international standard quality with indian affordable price.