Capabilities Facilities


Molding Shop

We are having in house P.P. Injection molding shop having 100 M.T. To 1500 M.T. Capacity compression molding machines along with inspection unit. Presently we are making up to 2000 x 2000 mm size P.P. Plates I.E. Approxi. 130 kg./plate & are having capacity to produce 50 M.T. / month in house.

Die & Mold Making Shop, Fabrication Shop

Mild steel fabrication of filter press skeleton are carried out as per the design for high pressure working upto 18 kg. / cm2 feeding pressure. The welding procedure carried out by trained & approved welders. X - ray analysis whenever required is carried out after fabrication.

Assembly Shop

We are assembling hydraulic systems like : hydraulic cylinders, semi-fully auto unloader design power pack (having a standard make of components like : polyhydron or yuken etc..) in house. We are also assembling filter press skeleton after matching with other parts of filter press like : P.P. Plates, inlet head, end head, moving head, M.S. Side support bar etc..

Inspection And Testing Drpartment

Accurately machined P.P. Plates are hydro tested without purring filter cloths by water up-to 6 kg./cm2 water pressure in our test bench.

Hydraulic cylinder are tested after assembly in our SP. Test bench for 24 hours at a pressure of 315 bar.

Hydraulic power pack are also tested after assembly in our special test bench for 24 hours at a pressure of 315 bar.

Machining Shop

Machining shop having 6 nos. of lath, 3 nos. milling machines, shaping machines, drilling machines, horizontal boring machines, vertical lath machine, vertical surface grinding machine (which are used for making up to 1500 x 1500 mm size filter presses in our workshop.