I-Beam Type Over Hanging

Introducting Nirmal Poly Plast Industries

Overhanging I –beam type filter press of 1500mm x 1500mm size having 90 chambers

Advantages by Using Yo – Tana’s Overhanging Dual I – Beam Type Filter Press

  • Huge sludge (solid) handling capacity upto 10 M.T./single batch (dry).
  • Easy handling.
  • Less wear & tear.
  • Easy filter cloth washing as no side bar.
  • Easy cake dropping & scrapping.
  • Less maintenance.
  • As plates are overhanging type no handles sliding on the side bars hence. No wear & tear of side bars thereby increase strength as main supports are I – beams on the top.
  • Easy access to the centre hole for cleaning.
  • Large treated water handling capacity upto 20 lacks liers / day.


  • Overhead dual I-beam in place of side bars (M.S.Flats).
  • Smooth movement as all plates including moving body are sliding with rollers on I-beam.
  • Large sludge handling capacity upto plates shifting mechanisam can be provided.
  • Hydraulic power pack system.
  • P.L.C. Based control panel for fully automatic operations like.